“All limits are self-imposed”

– Icarus

Race Details:

Icarus is a night running trail race that will inspire trail runners of all levels. Whether you’re looking to gain night running experience or simply looking to take your trail running to the next level, this is a race you won’t want to miss!

We have designed the Icarus course so as to showcase some of Crowsnest Pass’ best technical trails, while still offering respectable distance, difficulty and terrain rating. The course will be well marked with relfective tape and glow sticks…but because night running is about engaging all of your senses, we’ve created a race that allows for strategy to come into play. In order to receive a ranked finish, you must run the entire course once for a total of 30km, but after that? Well that’s where things get interesting.

The winning solo athlete and winning team will be the one that accumulates the most points between sunset at 9:54 pm on Saturday, June 22 and sunrise at 5:21 am on Sunday, June 23 – any racer still out on the course after the sun rises will go out in flames and be disqualified, ending not just their chances for the podium but for a ranked finish as well. If racers have the same value of points, rankings will be further determined by fastest times.

Course Details:

We are often trapped by circumstances of our own making…and according to legend, so too were Icarus and his father Daedalus, who were imprisoned in the very maze that Daedalus built to house the Minotaur (relax, you don’t need to worry about him until Aug 4). Determined to escape, Icarus donned a pair of mythical wings that he believed would allow him to crest the walls of his prison. Except, blinded by his own ambition, Icarus flew too close to the sun and met a fiery end. How will you tackle the Icarus course? Will you fly or fall?

There are 3 loops to the Icarus course, each named according to their points value. Racers must complete each loop once in order to meet the mandatory requirement of 11 points. Once they have completed this mandatory requirement, then they can strategize as how to best tackle the remainder of the race. The mandatory requirement for solos and teams is the same.

Loops can be completed in any order, and teams can divvy up their loops however they wish.

The total distance of all 3 loops is 30 km, the total elevation gain of the course is 1264 m (4146’), the total descent is 1264 m (4146’) for a total elevation change of 2528 m (8292′). All loops start and finish at the Icarus HQ location. All 3 loops also share the same outbound trail to the 3 loop cross roads, aka Icarus Hub, that will then direct racers to their loop of choice. Racers will utilize the Whistling Post climbing trail to get out of the Race HQ area up to Icarus Hub.

Icarus 2 (I-2): 2 points

A fun, flowy loop with some steady climbs, runnable flats and twisty descents. From Icarus Hub, you’ll make a straightforward ascent up ToadStool, followed by a steady jaunt to Sooper Trooper. From here, enjoy the fast and twisting descent down Sooper Trooper and then use your momentum to maintain speed for a flat section along the pipeline. You’ll get one last fun descent down Whistling Post before returning to your adoring fans at HQ.  

Length: 8 km

Climbing: 255 m (836’)

Descent: 255 m (836′)

Local trails include: ToadStool, Sooper Trooper, Whistling Post

Icarus 3 (I-3): 3 points

A technical loop that will keep you on your toes…from Icarus Hub, you’ll make your way up NRA, a technical trail that will connect you to the bottom of School of Rock. Your climb isn’t quite over yet as you’ll need to continue to make your way up this legendary (to the locals anyway) trail. Just as the name suggests, School of Rock is indeed quite rocky and has several features to watch out for. Once at the top, you’ll be rewarded with a fast descent down Front Side to the lower section of School of Rock. There’s some cool features to look forward to on this trail, included some banked turns and unique terrain. Finally, you’ll shoot down Whistling Post to get back to HQ.

Length: 9 km

Climbing: 355 m (1165’)

Descent: 355 m (1165’)

Local trails include: NRA, School of Rock, Front Side, Lower School of Rock, Whistling Post

Icarus 6 (I-6): 6 points

Not to be taken lightly…this one is worth 6 points for a reason…from Icarus Hub, you’ll head up Pineapple Express – a super twisty and fun climbing trail. From here, it’s a steady haul out to Big Bear – Crowsnest Pass’ iconic trail up and over Saddle Mountain (yes, mountain). The climb is straightforward, but with a few technical elements that’ll keep things interesting for you. Once at the summit of Saddle Mountain, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with some stunning views (ooops, night race…sorry…) and then you’ll enjoy a long, technical descent down the south side of Big Bear through the trees and under the stars. From here, you’ll connect to Squirrel Shit, which predominantly runs along a rocky spine feature in the woods, before connecting you to the lower part of School of Rock. Next, you’ll blaze back to Icarus Hub and turn it up a notch for a fast descent down Whistling Post to HQ.

Length: 13 km

Climbing: 654 m (2145’)

Descent: 654 m (2145’)

Local trails include: Pineapple Express, Big Bear, Squirrel Shit, Lower School of Rock, Whistling Post

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