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Race FAQ

What is the Icarus course like?

Icarus Night Run is a trail running race of approx 30km. There are 3 loops to the course that have each been assigned a points value. Icarus-2  is worth 2 points, Icarus-3  is worth 3 points and Icarus-6 is worth 6 points. In total, the loops equal 11 points, with the lowest rank of points being the easiest and highest rank of points being the most difficult. This is a night trail race that will utilize the trails in the York Creek trail network. While some sections may be more technical than others, the entire race takes place on trail.

So how does strategy come into play?

In order to receive a ranked finish, racers must complete each loop once to receive a total of 11 points. However, once the minimum requirement has been met, racers can then choose to strategically complete more loops to add to their total points value. Racers have from sunset on June 22 at 9:54 pm until sunrise on June 23 at 5:21 am to acquire as many points as possible…if they get stuck out on the course when the sun comes up, they are disqualified.

Do the loops need to be completed in a specific order?

 No. While solos and teams need to complete each loop once before they are allowed to start strategizing, they don’t need to complete them in a specific order. So if you want to get the hardest loop (Icarus 6) done first, then go for it.

What do you guys mean by “tricks and twists”?

Don’t worry, you won’t meet the Minotaur. This is a standard trail race with the added twist of taking place at night. We’ve also changed things up a bit by allowing racers to employ some strategy in their race.

Is the course marked?

The course will be impeccably marked with custom pin flags, reflective chips and flagging ribbon. Each loop of Icarus starts and finishes as the same point, so you’ll always be coming and going from a familiar location.

Where is the race?

Icarus takes place in Crowsnest Pass, AB and the race itself will utilize the York Creek trail network in Coleman.

We are pleased to partner with Green Mountain Properties and are able to utilize their land as a HQ for Icarus. This means that the start/finish location, as well as central race HQ will all be located at the same spot. Camping for racers will be offered at this area as well, stay tuned for more info on this.

Will there be aid stations?

There will be one Central Aid Station location at Race HQ at the start/finish. This aid station will provide basic hydration and nutrition to racers, please stay tuned for more info on exact provisions. There will be no aid stations out on the course, as racers are expected to sustain themselves for the duration of their leg.

How does it work for teams?

Teams can consist of 2 or 3 members and will operate as a relay team. This means that each runner is expected to be alone on their loop and then will pass the timing chip to the next designated runner. Teams can strategize and decide on which loops their individual runners will do in advance or during the race itself – race organizers don’t need to know who is running what. As long as the designated runner is registered on your team, wearing a race bib and is in possession of the timing chip, then we’re happy!

Can I run with a pacer?


(But keep in mind that you can hang out with your fellow racers.)

How much experience do I need?

For teams, you really don’t need much experience at all. In fact, Icarus is a great way to gain experience, especially if you’re training for a later season trail race that also includes night running, like the Sinister Sports races.

Solos will be tackling the entire distance of Icarus…which adds up to 30 km minimum. This is a great race to add to your roster if you’re looking to taper for a bigger event or gain night running experience.

Will you reveal the course ahead of time?

We sure will – only crazy race directors would make you complete a race without revealing any of the details in advance…

We’ll continue adding to the FAQ, we have some info coming up on training, recommended light systems and more. Keep sending us your questions too.






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